Anodizing aluminium is an electrochemical process that increases the durability and corrosion resistance of aluminium.
This treatment affects the surface of the aluminium, creating a layer of aluminium oxide that provides greater protection of the metal and aesthetic properties highly appreciated in decoration and interior design.

Preparation: The surface of the aluminium is cleaned to remove dirt, oil and impurities.
Immersion: The aluminium is immersed in a sulfuric acid solution that creates a chemical reaction on the surface of the aluminium .
Current application: With the aluminium immersed in acid, an electric current is applied through the aluminium and an oxide layer is generated on the surface.
Sealing: After anodizing, the oxide layer is closed by applying a sealant to ensure its resistance to corrosion.
The final thickness of this layer will depend on several factors that intervene in the process and that we must control, such as the electrolyte, the electric current that we supply (in amperes), the temperature of the bath and the duration of the treatment.
Anodized aluminium is highly valued for its resistance to corrosion, UV rays and atmospheric agents, as well as for its wide range of colors and ease of maintenance. Additionally, this process can be applied to parts and profiles up to 7.04 meters in normal production.

Anesa has a state-of-the-art installation for aluminium anodizing in the market.

We combine acid and basic pretreatments, chemical and thermal seals, offering a wide range of colors and innovative mechanical treatments such as microblasting.
In addition to microblasting, we can perform mechanical treatments such as sanding and polishing to achieve an optimal finish.
Completely automated, the repeatability of the finish is always guaranteed with osmotic water and real-time micron reader.

6000 MT/year anodizing plant
Lengths up to 7.04 m
Acid or alkaline pretreatment
Chemical and/or heat sealing
Finishes: shot blasting, polishing, grating…
Quality certificates: Qualanod, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

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