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Pioneers in aluminium
Strategic diversification

At Grupo Inalsa we work with aluminium in a comprehensive way through all our divisions:

Powder coating
Design, manufacturing and distribution of windows systems
Bending in different aluminium alloys
1957: Inalsa is born. The manufacturing of aluminium windows, facades and hardware begins.
1960s: Installation of the first extrusion press in 1961. Subsequently, two other presses were installed, making Inalsa the largest aluminium producer in Spain.
1971: Alcar is founded as a distributor of aluminium window systems
1972: Anesa is founded as one of the first anodizing plants in Spain.
1981: We begin to Export and start adapting to the complexity of the markets
90s: Consolidation of the group as a benchmark in Europe. Installation of the horizontal powder coating plant.
2000-2010: A strong industrial investment is made with the installation of two new presses. In addition, we updated the old extrusion presses, the powder coating, anodizing lines and the warehouses. 
2010: From this year to the present, processes and facilities are developed to customize each market, client, dies and different finishes.
2015: Involvement in the automotive sector.
2017: Opening of the Alcar Colombia delegation.
2019: Installation of new Turla press, 4,800 tons.
2021: Robotization of machining and packaging processes.
2022: Achievement of the UNE 1090 certificate.

After more than 40 years exporting to the most demanding markets, currently more than 70% of the tons of aluminium extruded by the Inalsa Group are distributed in twenty countries, as a supplier to all types of clients.
The continuous improvement of our processes and a great commercial effort have made Inalsa a benchmark in extrusion throughout Europe and have made it worthy of the Export Awards granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zaragoza in the years 1995 and 2007. .

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